A file with the ATOM file extension is an Atom Feed file spared as a plain book file and organized like a XML file.

ATOM files are like RSS and ATOMSVC files in that they’re utilized by much of the time refreshed sites and online journals to distribute content to Atom channel perusers.

At the point when somebody buys in to an Atom feed through a feed peruser device, they can remain refreshed on any new content that the site distributes.

In spite of the fact that it’s altogether conceivable to have an .ATOM file on your computer, it’s improbable. Regularly, the main time you see “.atom” is the point at which it’s added to the end of a URL that utilizes the Atom Feed file position. From that point, it’s less common to spare the ATOM file to your computer than it is to just copy the Atom feed connection and glue it into your feed peruser program.

How to Open an ATOM File

ATOM files work similarly as RSS files, so most channel peruser administrations, programs, and applications that work with RSS files will likewise work with ATOM files.

RssReader and FeedDemon are two instances of projects that can open Atom channels. In case you’re on a Macintosh, the Safari program can open ATOM files, as well, as can NewsFire.

The RSS Channel Peruser extension from feeder.co for the Chrome internet browser can open ATOM files you find on the web and in a split second spare them to the in- program feed peruser. A similar company has a feed peruser accessible here for the Firefox, Safari, and Yandex programs which should work the equivalent way.

You can likewise utilize a free word processor to open ATOM files however doing so will just let you read them as a book archive to see the XML content. To really utilize the ATOM file as it’s planned to be utilized, you have to open it with one of the ATOM openers above.

How to Convert an ATOM File

Since the organizations are so relatable, you can convert Atom feeds to other feed groups. For instance to convert Atom to RSS, simply glue the Atom channel’s URL into this free online Atom to RSS converter to deliver a RSS interface.

The Atom feed peruser extension for Chrome referenced above can convert an ATOM file to OPML. To do that, heap the Atom feed into the program and at that point utilize the Fare feeds to OPML alternative from the settings to spare the OPML file to your computer.

To install the Atom channel into HTML, utilize the Atom to RSS converter above and afterward put that new URL into this RSS to HTML converter. You’ll get a content you can insert inside HTML to show the feed on your own site.

Since an ATOM file is as of now spared in the XML position, you can utilize a straightforward content manager to “convert” it to the XML design, which will just change the file extension from .ATOM to .XML. You can likewise do this physically by simply renaming the file to utilize the .XML addition.

On the off chance that you need the feed content to be shown in a comprehensible spreadsheet group with the goal that you can without much of a stretch see the title of the article, its URL, and the portrayal, all as announced by the Atom feed, at that point simply convert the Atom feed to CSV. The simplest method to do that is to utilize the Atom to RSS converter above and afterward plug the RSS URL into this RSS to CSV converter.

To convert an ATOM file to JSON, open the .ATOM file in a content tool or in your program so you can see its content version. Copy the entirety of that information what’s more, glue it into this RSS/Atom to JSON converter, in the left segment. Utilize the RSS To JSON catch to convert it to JSON, and afterward hit Download to spare the JSON file to your computer.

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